The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith

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Father Isaac has sent out Esau a- hunting, to bring home savoury meat, and has promised that he will give him the blessing when he returns.

And now Rebekah thinks God will be defeated, the anxious mother imagines the Most High to be in a dilemma, and his purposes to be likely to fail unless her inherited craftiness can devise a stratagem to eke out the divine wisdom. O foolish Rebekah! Ere we speak thus, and condemn that gracious woman, let us make sure that we confess and condemn the same tendency in ourselves.

Have we not also dreamed that we might do evil that good might come? Have we not followed policy where we ought to have sternly adhered to principle, and all this because we thought it necessary, and feared that otherwise evil would triumph? Has not our judgment been bewildered by strange providences, and been led to sanction irregular procedures, or at least to think less severely of them? That lesson learned by Israel at the Red Sea is still a hard one to us: we cannot stand still and see the salvation of God.

Because we do not believe in the Almighty God we are eager to make haste, we hurry, worry, fret, fuss and sin! Fear drives us, and self-sufficiency draws us, and the noble quietude of faith in God is lost. O could we but rest in omnipotent love, could we but know the Lord, and wait patiently for him, how much sin and sorrow we should be spared!

Here is the fit place to set in contrast the conduct of David. He would not lift his hand to smite Saul, nay, he spared him when he was entirely in his power. May our faith teach us the same patient waiting, and confident repose of soul. May we believe, to see the glory of the Lord. The Lord All-sufficient will in the end dear the darkest providences from all question, and our souls shall know how happy are those who put their trust in the Lord alone. I have not the qualification. I believe I am called to it, but it is too difficult for me.

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Have you never had the disposition, like Jonah, to flee to Tarshish, or somewhere else, and to escape from Nineveh and its trials? Weak as thou art, cannot I make thee strong? Worm of the dust, cannot I make thee thresh the mountains? Why dost thou fear? Thou art feeble, but I am not.

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Thou art foolish, but I am wise. Give thyself up to my guidance; trust thyself in my hands, and thou shalt achieve marvels; and exceeding great wonders shalt thou accomplish by my power and grace. Dare we be wiser than the Lord? His choice of instruments is wise, even when he chooses the weak things of the world to work his purposes.

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Their insufficiency is of no consequence, for their sufficiency is of God. For them to attempt to shun their duty because of conscious feebleness, would be a daring sin against the prerogatives of the King of kings, an impious censure upon the infallible appointments of Infinite wisdom. May not this be a word in season to some brother or sister here, who may happen to be under that temptation?

If it be, may the Lord speak it home by his Spirit, and a blessing will come of it! He who placed you where you now are, knew what he was at. Look at your infirmities with another eye. No longer allow them to distress you; but the rather glory in them because they afford room and space for the divine power to rest in you and work by you. This word may also be useful to those who are trembling under some present temporal trial and affliction. They are dreading what may yet happen. Forebodings of what may soon come are upon them. Is it poverty? God is All-sufficient to supply your needs.

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Is it physical pain? Why, what is it that thou fearest, O child of God? There can be no lack which he cannot supply, no enemy that he cannot subdue. Is not the Lord sufficient for this also? He shall, he must appear: only put not forth thine hand unto iniquity, and do nothing before the time.

Thou hast no feeble Deity to trust in; be not a coward, but play the man. The same may also be applied to each of us when we are under spiritual depressions. Inward tribulations are frequently more severe than temporal trials; the man of God knows this full well.

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We look within, and we see grace to be at a low ebb with us — at least we think so; our corruptions and our natural depravity — these we see clearly enough, and we are troubled with the sight. Neglects of duty, omissions of devotion, forgotten opportunities of usefulness, all come up and accuse us; and then we are ready to doubt whether we ever knew the Lord at all: and, perhaps, Satan at the same time assails us, and we fall under his foot for awhile.

O, let us not, even in such terrible times, ever doubt our God, for he is All-sufficient still! If our salvation depended upon ourselves, it would soon be all over with us; but if it depend upon that arm, the sinews of which can never break, — if it depend upon that heart which can never change and never cense to beat with love omnipotent, why should we be discouraged? Therefore cannot he control it? Was there ever spirit that came up out of the deeps of hell that was not of his loosing?

Behold, Jehovah rides upon the wings of the wind, and the storm-cloud is his car, fear not therefore the rattling of the wheels on which thy heavenly Father rides. In the midst of the tempest he reigns supreme, fear not the darkness which is his canopy, or the lightning which is but the glance of his eye. Trust thou him at all times, and let no fear cast thee down or hurry thee into an unbelieving and restless course of action, which would defile thee and bring dishonour upon his blessed name.

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He who has been almighty in life will be almighty in death. Fear not that solemn flight through tracks unknown, or the awful appearance at the eternal throne.

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The God of grace is all-sufficient for all the mysteries of eternity; all-sufficient for the thunders of judgment, the terrors of vengeance, and the dread of hell. Fear not the crash of worlds, when he shall bid them all dissolve; the ever-living Redeemer, able to save unto the uttermost, is all-sufficient to support thy spirit — when all created things shall pass away and the elements shall melt with fervent heat.

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There exists not a conceivable ground of fear to the man who puts his trust in God Almighty! O beloved, set this as a seal upon thine arm to strengthen thee, and roll it as a stone upon the sepulchre of thy doubts. Never let them rise again. Didst thou trust a puny man, thou mightest doubt; but resting upon God, how canst thou be disquieted? Didst thou rely upon changing humanity, — didst thou place thy confidence in a creature that might love to-day and hate to- morrow, then, indeed wert thou unhappy; but his love is everlasting and his power endureth for ever; why, then, art thou cast down?

He shall call upon me and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble: I will deliver him and honour him.

The meaning is simple — the actual obedience grace alone can work in us. Come, gracious Spirit, and teach us to walk before the Lord in the land of the living. Through his writing and preaching, William Romaine's pulpit became a rallying place in London for all who esteemed evangelical truth, and in both learning and zeal, it was said of him that few men equalled him, and fewer still surpassed. William Romaine was born in A considerable scholar — he graduated of Oxford, where he was a contemporary of both John and Charles Wesley and of Whitefield — he became one of the most outstanding figures of the Evangelical Revival.

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