El Invierno ha llegado. (Los Babis nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

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The more abstruse terminology of the law, on the other hand, seldom makes its way into belles-lettres or into conversation, and is excluded. The distinction between admissible slang, or homely phrase- ology, and downright vulgarisms is also far from sharp, and depends more or less upon circumstances. We have omitted some phrases which, though they appear in literature, have no business there. Many of the idiomatic phrases are proverbs, but proverbs not containing idioms are excluded. Lopez, E. Bensley, y otros," were carefully read through from beginning to end, and the numerous idioms cited in illustration of the use of words were extracted.

Much material has also been obtained from grammars, including those of Professors Alberto de Tornos, W. Knapp, H. Monsanto, and Louis A. Don Quixote, in several editions and translations including the late translation with critical list of proverbs by John Ormsby, London, , and Gil Bias have been carefully studied; and notes of idioms were made in reading many other works ; finally, memoranda were kept of such as occurred in conversation during a period of two years.

These means cannot be exhaustive, but we believe that few common, important, or valuable phrases have escaped us. In rendering the idioms into English, the first object was to make their meaning intelligible ; the second, to give equivalent English idioms where such could be found : in many cases, however, the pithiness of the original is best retained by a simple translation.

Renderings found in previous publications were adopted only when it seemed impossible to improve upon them, and it has been found necessary to correct many downright errors of translation. Our thanks are due to Commander Henry Glass, of the United States Navy, for examining and improving the translations of the nautical phrases. The arrangement of the work is intended to facilitate reference as far as this can be effected with material of so heterogeneous a character. Every idiom containing a verb is placed under that verb, while the verbs them- selves are arranged alphabetically.

Where the idioms containing a par- ticular verb are numerous, they have been classified into natural groups, the members of which are mutually illustrative, or deal with similar ideas. The idioms containing verbs form the first and larger portion of the collection. Those which lack a verb are comprised in a second division, in which the most emphatic or most important word in each phrase is taken as the basis of their alphabetical arrangement.

Indices to each series are added as a further aid in the search for a given phrase. Finally, we believe ourselves justified in the hope that this collection of idioms will prove a very important aid in mastering one of the greatest difficulties which the Spanish language presents.

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Quien mucho abarca poco aprieta. Ni te abatas por pobreza, ni te en- salces por riqueza. Ablandar las piedras. Abocar la artilleria. Abocar un estrecho. El sol pica, 6 abrasa. Abrasarse los pajaros. Abrasarse vivo. Muchas hijas en casa, todo se abrasa. Abrazar el est6mago alguna cosa. Abriguese V. Al buen dia abrele la puerta, y para el malo te apareja.

Abrir, 6 abrirse una entrada de agua. La madera se abre.

Abrir brecha en un muro. Abrir las zanjas.

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Abrir trincheras. Abrir el ojo. En un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Abrir el dla.

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Abrir la corona. Abrir las velaciones. Abrir paso. Abrirse las cataratas del cielo. Abre el tiempo. Abrir puerta a la puerta. Grasp all, lose all. Do not be humbled by poverty, or exalted by wealth. To melt a heart of stone ; to inspire great pity. To bring the guns to bear mil. To enter the mouth of a channel. The sun scorches. To be burning hot.

Many daughters are expensive. To keep a thing on the stomach. Defend yourself with it. Make hay while the sun shines, but prepare for a rainy day. To spring a leak. The wood cracks. To make a breach in a fortress.


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To lay a foundation ; to begin. To open trenches ; to begin a siege. To be on the alert.

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In the twinkling of an eye. To dawn. To shave the tonsure. To permit the issue of marriage licenses granted only at certain seasons. To clear the way. To rain heavily ; to pour.

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The weather clears up. To undeceive ; to open one's eyes. To disclose one's secrets to any one. To afford an opportunity. Abre el ojo que asan carne. Abrir el coraz6n d alguno. Abrir la mano. Abrir la mano al caballo. Abrir la cabeza. Abrir las carnes. Abrir la procesi6n.