Lament for a Lounge Lizard: A Fiona Silk Mystery

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Buy Locally. Buy on Amazon. I no speaking English. I fearing future. The primitive English and fractured grammar only add to its poignancy.

Lament for a Lounge Lizard

Scott Fitzgerald. You can never actually like Ginevra, the spoiled rich girl telling the tale, but you feel for her. Exercises in Style Raymond Queneau An eccentric re-telling of a single brief non-event 99 different ways. Educated guess. I did not count. The plot is not the point. The point is the variety of ways a simple event can be retold. A good book to keep in your bag for those times when you have a few moments to kill. Quirky, trivial, interesting bits and pieces of this and that. Did you know that the chemical notation for testosterone is C19H28O2??

David Nobb could that be his real name?

Fiona Silk Mysteries 2-Book Bundle (by Mary Jane Maffini)

Husband and wife, Nicolas and Alison, become wife and husband, Nicola and Alan. How their marriage, their friendships, their children, their jobs, their sex lives, weather this enormous change is real story of the book. Who knew it was possible? Fun read about a feisy year-old, with enough true-to-life human passions and the slightest tinge of tragedy to make it less than total fluff. The portrayal of an elderly woman is firm and unsentimental; Mrs. Meigs is a delightful old woman. Bot that streak in Cecile which had threatened lately to turn into hardness would ome out as strength now that she was married to the man she loved.

Which is utter nonsense, of course. Poor Cecile will soon be very unhappy with the handsome, charming and irresponsible Tip.

Sooner if they have children. When she is 13, after innumerable surgeries, Anna rebels against this role and takes her parents to court to fight for the right to the integrity of her own body. The struggles of the family as this plays out are by turns poignant, tragic, compelling, enraging, and horrifying.

I cannot conceive why it was necessary to throw in that twist at the end. Well, no. It was completely unnecessary. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Paul Torday Clever and engaging story of the unlikely project to introduce salmon fishing into the hot and arid world of the Yemen. I liked it. Julie Roseman and Romeo Cacciamani are sixty-something owners of rival flower shops. Can love triumph over the amassed forces of a three-generation family feud, a secret buried in history, their outraged children, and a malevolent grandma?

A good read. Not far enough into it page 62 to say much about it, though I know how it ends…. May 31, - Posted by MaryP books. Comment by Becky May 31, Reply. Comment by Kara May 31, Reply. Comment by Alison May 31, Reply.

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Fiona Silk Mysteries 2-Book Bundle: Lament for a Lounge Lizard / Too Hot to Handle

Huis Herself May 31, Reply. Comment by Katherine May 31, Reply. Second Glance is probably one of my least favorite Jodi Picoult novels. I read Julie and Romeo a few years ago, and also found it an enjoyable light read. Comment by Florinda May 31, Reply. Comment by Lori Thornton May 31, Reply.

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