Pains of Engliah Princess with Islamic Paradise

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That is why it has been ordered that nails must be cut at least once a week specially on Friday. Not a single strand of hair on our body is without wisdom or strategy. Imam Sadiq a. They do not know that those are the parts where excess and dirty impure or unclean body matter concentrates. Was that dirt not to be driven out through hair human body would become ill and diseased.

If man ponders deeply he will realize that all the elements of the world of creation are full of wisdom and strategy. Why, after all, had God created it? Despite using all medicines in his expert knowledge no remedy worked on that trouble.

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Other doctors also tried in vain. It is very effective for the illness of eyes. He asked how the pill was prepared. She said it was a paste having cow dung beetle as one of its ingredients.

Not even a single particle in the world of existence is created without any wise aim. Can then the entire universe be aimless at all? In the human body, even a nail and a hair are not without utility. Can then the whole human body have been created without any aim or intention? All modern day scientists are unanimous in their opinion that they have not been able to comprehend all the wisdoms and strategies behind all the things in this world.

Only God knows how many new and astonishing things will come to light in future. About half a century ago, people in Europe were of the opinion that in our body at the end of intestines there is an extension called appendix; that it is of no use.

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So, many healthy persons got it removed. But soon thereafter they were to realize that they were wrong.

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So, they announced that healthy persons should not remove it because now they had come to understand that the said extension was a sort of alarm. When much impurities pile up in intestines, this extension exudes pain thus cautioning them before the impurities could havoc. So, the patient becomes alerted and resorts to remedy. It is also possible that it may have other benefits too which have not yet come to our notice despite research and about which we may know in the days and years to come. In human mouth not a single tooth is void of usefulness.

The job of the molars cannot be performed by canines. Not a single bone out of the in human body is useless, that is, if even one of them is missing, and it renders the whole body defective. Similar is the case with veins, nerves and fats etc. Can then the entire body be ever void of utility and wisdom behind it? After recognizing the creator of the universe as most wise and after realizing that even the tiniest atom is not useless here, it is now our duty to try to understand the wisdom and aim behind the great creation.

We see how many benefits we derive from various kinds of innumerable stones, vegetables and animals. The clouds, wind, moon and sun all are busy in their duties so that, O Man! You may get bread and do not eat it unheeding. All these are busy, worrisome and obedient to you.

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Is it, then, not very unjust that you do not obey the commands of your Lord? Is the aim of man's creation only this worldly and material life? Is there nothing after death? Are we to be totally and suddenly annihilated?

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If it is taken for granted that the only aim of human life in this universe is eating, drinking, resting and pleasure-hunting to gratify passions, lust, greed and desires and had it been so that man would not ever taste what is pain, trouble and difficulty and grief and sorrow throughout his life then, in that case, also the creation would have been aimless.

The reason for this conclusion is that even though the said life is full of pleasure and happiness it is yet unreliable and untrustworthy because, after all, it is passing and it is bound to end one day. So it is unthinkable that such a wide and huge universe should be for anything, which is to perish while human life is, from it's beginning to end, full of different kinds of difficulties, troubles, pains and sorrows.

I have seen in this world only one person called 'happy' Aasoodeh. But then, it was only his penname.

You will not find any man in this world who has no worries. If he has no worry then he is not the son of Adam. The fact is that, if man is to perish after his death and if his life is limited only to this world of matter which is made up of various kinds of sorrows, physical and spiritual and mental troubles, sufferings, mischiefs, fornications, usurpations, illness of children, death of progeny, separation from friends then this life is totally senseless and void of wisdom.

In that case the creation of human beings in the world would be like an example in which, suppose, a generous man invites guests in a house which has all kinds of harmful animals like tigers, leopards, wolves snakes, scorpions and wasps. And when the guest arrives he may be served with eatables in that very horrible house, but any morsel taken by him is accompanied by the stings of several troublesome and poisonous insects. Not only this, there also may be some attackers with swords in their hands ready to attack that guest even before he completes his feast and thereafter nothing at all!

Just say, is there any use of such a feast? Is it not a futile endeavour? What can be surmised from the above discussion is that, for man, another life or world will surely arrive in which all of his pleasures and joys will be available. It is absolutely essential that he a good man or woman must get a joy and relief and comfort which has no pain with it and also an everlasting happiness which must not be followed by any trouble, grief or sorrow. The deserving persons must get comforts which should never end. Very happy will be the day when I will walk away from the passing world for finding out peace for soul and to meet the beloved.

Persian Couplet. So it has been established from viewpoint of logic and reason and it is now realized that God Almighty has created man for eternal and everlasting happiness. He has detained man for a little temporary period so that he may prepare to be eligible for the sure and permanent life, which is full of joys and bounties. God has given him two wings of knowledge and action with which he may fly high to gain extreme heights in the eternal realm.

The fact is that if man turns towards his God-given mind and nature and thinks deeply he will very soon find that there can be a doubt in each and every possible thing but there is no room for any doubt at all in the belief in God, His creation and the Hereafter, eternal life after death and reward or punishment in the everlasting Hereafter. Of course, some people, because of their drowning in desires and constant engagement in material affairs and continuous commitment to sins have disfigured their nature thereby falling in doubt about the above-mentioned doubtless matters.

So the verdict of reason has established that there is an aim, utility and wisdom behind the creation of the earth, the sky and each and every part of the human body which will be known to him on the day when he will have to leave this material world. On the basis of all this, the coming of another world or realm is a must after the end of this world.

While describing the attributes of the Lord Almighty during the discussion of the Oneness of the Creator of the Universe, we have said that God is Just and so He has provided each and every essential thing for everything and every being, without being requested. We were nonexistent and we never requested to come into existence. But the Mercy and Kindness of the Merciful Lord even hears our unsaid pleas.

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One of the demands of God's justice is to give reward to those good people who, as we see, passed their whole lives in obedience, worship and piety but, in this world of ours, they got no reward in proportion with their labours and hardships. Likewise, the Just Lord's attribute of Justice also demands that He should punish offenders who, as we see, have indulged in various mischiefs and conspiracies and devastating corruption but no punishment is or has been given to them in this world.

They pass away from this world continuing their offences and sins. Often it also happens that mischievous offenders live easy and luxurious lives whereas good people live in difficulties. We also see how much cruelty man shows towards man. They loot one another's property; kill one another and trample others' honour under their feet. Since God Almighty is Just, certainly a day will come when everyone will get his due based on his good or bad deeds. Right of everyone will be restored to him or her.

Good people may get rewards and evil ones may get chastisement so that His justice is manifested. All the Messengers and Prophets who were most true in the entire universe and whose word is an exhaustive argument for us have given the news that Qiyamat will surely come. Pious and religious minded people belonging to every religion and sect believed in life after death.

In fact religion is based only on two principles: Origin and returning to life.