Tips for Giving Yourself at Home Pedicures For Men and Women

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Steps To The DIY Pedicure

If you're new at painting nails, use a lighter shade of polish; any mistakes will be less noticeable! Tip: Take a few minutes to touch up your manicure every other day with a single layer of top coat. This can make all the difference in keeping up that "from the salon" appearance and durability. Check for and clean up any mistakes—and you're almost done!

It takes time for nails to fully dry, so be patient.

Giving Yourself Home Pedicures Busy men and women who are constantly on the move often neglect to care for their feet. Try these massage techniques. Step 1: Soak your feet in an Epsom salt-infused bath of warm water for 5 minutes. Step 2: Using a pumice stone or foot scrub, exfoliate in a circular motion, paying special attention to heels and the bottoms of your feet and rinse well; pat dry with a. Step Reapply moisturizer! It's no surprise diabetic foot wounds are the leading cause of hospitalization for diabetics.

Diabetic feet are simply less able to meet the challenge of maintaining healthy feet. It's always best to locate a professional manicurist who specializes in pedicures for those with diabetes. If you're looking for ways to fatten your wallet, consider doing your own pedicures. You're in the privacy of your own home, can listen to your favorite CD or watch a movie on your own TV, and you don't have to wear those awful paper sandals out to the parking lot.

Make Your Own Lotions and Cures. Organic or home remedies are great ways to save money and rid oneself of the harmful chemicals found in today's cosmetics and lotions. Many people switch to organic skin and nail products because of allergic reactions to chemicals found in conventional product lines.

If you prefer to buy your skin and nail products, look for brands that specifically say certified organic on the label. Certain name brand products contain chemicals such as parabens which are linked to breast cancer. Organic skin and nail care remedies come directly from nature and can provide the same benefits as those remedies that come from specialty and department stores. Think of it this way. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it. It deserves the best you can give it. Why not give it the best nature has to offer such as Aloe Vera, vitamins, minerals, shea butter, herbs and fruit extracts.

The next time you buy lotion or a nail product, read the label. There is no reason for a product such as cuticle oil to contain anything other than natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamins A, D and E.

How To Give Yourself A MANicure - 5 Simple Steps For Handsome Hands - Easy Home Manicure Tips

Naturalists recommend some of the more harmful ingredients to avoid:. An ingredient found in most antiperspirants.

How to DIY the Perfect At-Home Pedicure in 10 Easy Steps

Case studies have shown the possibility of aluminum being linked to Alzheimer's disease. Artificial Colors. May cause hyperactivity in children, blurred vision, watery eyes and headaches. Derived from coal tar, A, C and D dyes are harmful to people who suffer from eczema and have a sensitivity to aspirin.

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Isopropyl Alcohol. A drying agent from petroleum that has been linked to certain cancers. Used as preservative in some carbonated drinks and cosmetics, it can cause numbness in the mouth, gastric irritation and may kindle asthma attacks. Dibutyl Phthalate. Used in hair, skin and cosmetic products to increase absorption of other ingredients.

2. Use marbles to massage

Known to cause birth defects in animals and damages to the reproductive system of men and women. Used as a nail hardener and a preservative in cosmetic products. It is harmful to inhale and can cause a skin reaction. Smooth out the raw edge with a nail file, working in one direction until they're even and have been formed to the shape you like. Tuttle recommends using a dual grit file; the fine-grade surface is for smoothing the nail edge, while the coarser surface is for shortening and shaping nails. And, of course, make sure to factor in your lifestyle when choosing the length and shape of your toenails.

Not only will the massage feel nice, but this also helps nourish and hydrate your skin after the scrubbing and soaking. Before you start painting, swipe your nail beds dry to remove any excess product or oil. Once the base has set, you're ready to move onto the color. Before painting, Tuttle says to roll the polish bottle in your hand to ensure the best consistency. Then, apply a thin coat of polish to start. If you have shaky hands, you're not alone. Then, wait another minute before adding a second coat.

Then, carefully clean up any rogue polish marks or errors with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover. Once finished and dry, you're free to admire your "hard work. Once you've given this step tutorial a shot and realize just how easy the process really is, you might not ever make it back into the salon—which is good news for both you and your wallet. Byrdie uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Byrdie, you accept our. Make sure to moisturize the heels and in between the toes.

After moisturizing the feet, you can massage your own feet or ask someone to massage them for you. For those of you who stand on your feet all day, you can take a look at our article on some of the best foot massagers around. For the ladies — Wipe away the extra moisturizer from the toes nails before you applying the nail polish as it tends to smudge if there is grease on it. Pedicured feet look good even without nail polish.

The right way to apply polish is to first separate the toes by putting cotton balls between them so that it does not stain the skin. For those of us who put our feet through these everyday abuses, here are a few tell-tale signs that warn us about all that is not well with our feet.

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If you have cracked heels, it is mostly likely a result of walking barefoot, standing for long hours and dry skin. These are several maintenance procedures that are performed in a pedicure that tackle the problems associated with cracked heels. Generally, there is a widespread misconception regarding having white or milks spots on your nails. Many conclude it to be a mineral deficiency, which it very well could be.

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  • But another common cause for having white blotches on the nails is due to injuries to the nail. But white blotches which grow along with your nail could also be a fungal infection.

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    If left unattended, this infection could spread throughout the nail. In extreme cases it could spread onto the whole nail causing the nail to separate from the bed. So careful nail care is of utmost importance. If you constantly have cold feet, this is a sign of poor blood circulation.

    It could be because you sit long hours with your feet down with tight fitting shoes on too. A vigorous massage should promote blood circulation. This could be a sign that you are developing ingrown toe nails or bunions.